viernes, 27 de abril de 2012

Lesson 4

Dear students,
How is everything going?

Ok, today we have our last lesson of Unit 3 "Technology and Inventions" and to finish , I would like you to improve your speaking skills through the following activity.

Your Personal Invention

1.- Think of something really fantastic you would like to invent.
2.- Give it a name, its purpose, list the materials needed and other important facts.
3.- Prepare an oral presentation of no more than 10 minutes telling your classmates about your invention.

Well done !!
Lesson 4

Hello again dear students,

You are about to finish the Unit and we have two lessons left.
Today, I would like to improve your reading skills, so for this, I have prepared an interesting text about the life of a teen inventor.

Read the text by clicking here ...

After you have read the text, you must answer the following questions.

1.- What type of text is it?

a) a biography                           b) an advertisement                              c) a short story

2.- Read again and find the answers to these questions.

a) What kind of materials do Spencer's inventions require?
b) What thing has he designed over the years?
c) What does he think about inventions?
d) How does he get new inspiration for his inventions?

3.- Read the text again and find the following information.

a) Place in which Spencer develop his inventions.                  ________________________________

b) Name of his most "electrical" inventions.                            ________________________________

c) Time Spencer dedicates to his inventions.                          ________________________________

d) Invention that Spencer will develop during his holiday.       ________________________________

4.- Read the text once more. Choose the best alternative to complete the sentences.

a) Spencer Davis's inventions require
i. a lot of drugstore supplies.
ii. a lot of imagination and a few pieces of trash.

b) Spencer's passion for inventions began when he was
i. a little boy
ii. in junior school

c) Over the years, Spencer has designed
i. a lot of Silly things.
ii. a variety of things.

d) Spencer's mother is
i. very worried but proud.
ii. a bit worried but supportive.

e) Spencer thinks that he
i. will continue inventing things when he enters college.
ii. will stop inventing things when he enters college.

Excellent job !!
Lesson 3

During this lesson, you are going to do an interesting activity which will develop your writing skills. For this, follow these steps:

1.- Read very carefully the biography of Thomas Edison.
2.- Make notes of the most important facts of the text.
3.- Write a summary of the text.

To read the biography.... click here !!

Lesson 3

To keep practicing the use of  simple past ... DO this activity !!

Write complete sentences about what people in the picture DID yesterday. Use the clues below. There are two extra clues you do not need to use.

buy some new clothes          ride a horse              swim in the ocean              drive his car
have a picnic                       go the cinema            play the piano                   write some letters



                   Smith family



3.- ________________________________________________.



        Jill and Nick





Lesson 2

Today, to continue with the lesson, I would like you to have a look to the "Language Spot" related to past simple.

Look !!

We use the simple past tense to express the idea that an action started and finished at a specific time in the past.

Remember, it is important to review a list of verbs in the past, where some of them are regular and other irregular.

To see a list of regular and irregular verbs in the past, click here !!

... Now that you have reviewed the verbs in the past, do the following activity:

  • Complete this paragraph with the simple past tense of the verbs in brackets.

In 1824, when he _____________ (be) 15, Louis Braille _______________ (invent) a way for blind people to read. His personal experience ________________ (was) very important.
He ________________ blind (become) at the age of 3; when he _______________ (be) 12, he ______________ (go) to a school for the blind in Paris. When a soldier called Charles Barbier ______________ (visit) the school, he _______________ (tell) Louis about something called "night-writing". During the next three years, Louis __________________ (simplify) the system and finally _________________ (develop) the Braille system of reading.

Good job !!

lunes, 23 de abril de 2012

Lesson 2

Hello again dear students... How is everything going?
Well,today to continue with the topic, you are going to do the following activity:

You are going to listen to a recording about the invention of the guitar and then answer some questions about it.

To listen the recording you will have to click here to follow the link.... 

In the webpage, there is the recording and in the right side, there are some questions for you to answer.

miércoles, 18 de abril de 2012

Lesson 1

All right students, after you saw the power point presentation, we are going to continue with the lesson, and for this, I would like you to read a text about two young inventors and choose the best alternative to answer the questions below.

To read the text, click here !!

1.- Who are the two inventors?
          a) Two high school students.
          b) Two junior students.
          c) A junior school student and a high school student.

2.- Where are the two inventors from?
          a) Both ftom the USA.
          b) Both from France.
          c) One from the USA and othe other from France.

3.- Why did Ana invent the toy?
          a) She always had friends to play with.
          b) She always had to play alone.
          c) She sometimes has to play alone.

4.- What did Ana take to a toy company?
          a) Her final product.
          b) A model of her invention.
          c) The patent of her invention.

5.- Why did Andrew develop his invention?
          a) He had to learn about animals.
          b) He had to learn a list of words.
          c) He had to practice a programming skills.